Terry SilbersteinPresident, The Art of Online Marketing, Inc.
I have been in marketing for over 18 years including 10 years as President for the The Art of Online Marketing. During my career I have worked with numerous web development companies and OC INFO TECH* is by far the best team we have ever worked with. Shay and the whole team at OC INFO TECH* has been doing a fantastic job for us over the past 10 years and while they are an outsourced resource, they feel like they are a part of our core team versus a separate, hired company just doing a job. They do amazing work and I highly recommend them for any type of web development or website support work, including server type work. They usually get the work requested, completed overnight for our clients and have helped get continued, rave reviews!. To everyone at OC INFO TECH*, "THANK YOU" for all you do and for making us look so good!
Steve BurgessPrincipal, OnlineBizHQ
I have worked for years with OC INFO TECH* on multiple projects for website development and hosting. They have an excellent team and a lot of experience. They can meet any need and customize to fit any business. They are up to date on technology and are also skilled at site designs. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a long term partner for all web development needs.
Walter H. GrothUnited States, California
This is probably the most gifted, skilled and savvy development team one could wish for and their customer orientation sets them apart from the rest out there. Not only flawless programming is provided, they also have an amazing sense for aesthetics, which is uncommon for developers. Deadlines are always met no matter what and the quality delivered consistently exceeds even the highest expectations! They are certainly a leading edge development team with a one-of-a-kind leader who combines his human qualities and leadership skills with an enormous knowledge. This team is an asset to any client and deserves my highest recommendation!
kyleburke ( Naples LLC (United States, Florida)
OC INFO TECH* did a great job. I will be using them again.
Sabrina GibsonSocial Media Strategist (United States Irvine, California)
It is truly amazing how fast and how talented your team is. I gave you a goal date for the site to be completed and you more than exceeded the deadline. In addition, your suggestions and guidance have been outstanding. Thank you.
Rachel PerlmutterPartner, The Art of Online Marketing, Inc.
As a partner in the The Art of Online Marketing, I have been working with the team at OC INFO TECH* for nearly 10 years. During my career, I have worked with numerous web development companies. OC INFO TECH* is by far the best at customer service I have ever experienced. Shay and the whole team at OC INFO TECH* has been doing a fantastic job for us for nearly 10 years. They are highly responsive, can help with basic html, html 5, Word Press and PHP along with APIs for e-mail marketing, teaching platforms, and payment system integrations. They allow us to give our clients fast, effective and affordable solutions for their website needs, as well as take care of our own digital presence. For us, we consider them part of our business and production team and we rely on them heavily. I highly recommend OC INFO TECH* for website development! To everyone at OC INFO TECH*-THANK YOU!
camarosource (, British Columbia
******* LOOK NO FURTHER!! YOUR SEARCH IS OVER. OC INFO TECH* IS YOUR ANSWER ******* I was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with the Professionalism, politeness, and SPEED of OC INFO TECH*! My project was quite a large project. No matter how complex this project was, they came up with amazing and user-friendly features on the project. The Manager (Shay) was who I was in constant contact with who relayed all details to his team of programmers and designers. Shay was ALWAYS polite and prompt with his communications. Every day there was usually a big list of task done, or at least a good amount ready for viewing. I am truly amazed of the quality of the work done on the project. If ANYONE is looking for a PROFESSIONAL, FRIENDLY, HONEST, RELIABLE, and TRUSTWORTHY company to do your programming. They ARE who you have been searching for no matter how big nor how small your project is!! So be sure to give OC INFO TECH* a try, you WILL NOT be disappointed!! Paul
zusmani ( States, NC
OC INFO TECH* is one of the best provider I had a pleasure working with in my last 10 years professional career. They exceeded all of my expectations in quality, professionalism, and responsiveness. I had a wonderful dedicated project manager and a programmer, they were skilled, courteous and friendly with my evolving project requirements. I highly recommend this provider for web & programming projects and will definitely comeback to them for my future projects as well. Good work OC INFO TECH*, Well done!
TTABF ( States, Washington
Once again another excellent job. We are so consistently pleased with your service, professionalism and the speed at which you get things done for us. The WordPress widget is exactly what we wanted and needed.
TTABF ( (United States, Washington)
Right from the first draft, we knew we picked the right provider, and every detail and improvement since then only made us feel that much better to know we had competent, reliable and skilled people working on our project. We will continue to use these guys for more and more projects for a long time to come... A real Gem in the Elance world, if you are lucky enough to have them bid on your project "REALLY" consider it... In fact don't chance your project with anyone else, these guys WILL do an amazing job.
TTABF ( States, Washington
Wonderful end product... looks GREAT! You guys ROCK... There is a reason we've been using you guys consistently for over a year now, and will continue to for a long time.
Gardner Marketing Group, Inc.United States, Dallas
AMAZING! Not only was I shocked by the QUALITY of the finished project, but also the SPEED of which it was finished! I've worked with a lot of providers on elance - for many, many projects - and spent tens of thousands of dollars - and let me make this as clear as possible: THIS PROVIDER IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! If you're worried about finding the perfect provider for your project, worry no more. Select this Provider with Confidence. Highly Recommended!
SEOmentor ( States, Georgia
Completed the project ahead of schedule and even helped me out with a few minor things beyond the scope of the project. Top notch reliable group!!!
Jeremy KatzReal Estate Broker (United States, San Diego)
Very nice work. Good communication. Handled a difficult exception with good professionalism. Thanks for your efforts!
kartiktalwar (, Ontario
OC INFO TECH* is a group of excellent service providers. They did a great job for me and I will be hiring them again and would recommend them to anyone.
drbrad42 ( States, UT
Great job.
Jeremy KatzReal Estate Broker (United States, San Diego)
Great work! Nice graphics, solid programming, nice CSS. Communication was good and we were able to iterate our design fairly quickly. Our 1 week project took perhaps 10 days -- which is pretty good, but leaves a small opportunity to improve.
elijahtkajar ( States, California
Great communication and completes task very quickly.
MusicTimeRecords ( States, Oregon
OC INFO TECH* is one of Highly recommended Provider, one stop shopping you get every things you going to needs for your Web Site with all expertise it takes.
pierre16253 ( 1 Hit (Newtown, NSW)
Thank you very much. I am very pleased with the outcome and look forward to contacting you when I need more work done.
Sabrina GibsonSocial Media Strategist (United States Irvine, California)
I needed to have my website project finished fast. It involved several cold fusion modules. I was more than impressed with the speed of service, the great communication and the incredible work. Not only would I highly recommend this firm, I plan on using them again for many other projects. GREAT team!!
usman818 ( Arabia, Riyadh Province
They have done a good job for me as a start on this project. I think I would strongly recommend them for you as they are worth trying for some big project.
The_Oracle (, Ontario
Good job guys, even though I was probably the pickiest client ever... you came through and did a fantastic job. Thanks again.
Sabrina GibsonSocial Media Strategist (United States Irvine, California)
You went way beyond my level of expectations. The look and feel you created for this site is absolutely beautiful. Your suggestions and recommendations were a major upgrade to the site. Thank you.
Scriptio ( States, Michigan
Excellent provider, very much recommended. The provider gave me exactly what I wanted and was open to changes that could happen along the way, all for an extremely reasonable price. Choose OC INFO TECH*! He helped me on all aspects of site development except for the format and layout for, as an example.
Jeremy KatzReal Estate Broker (United States, San Diego)
Very good and consistent provider. Used for multiple projects of differing types with good results. Nice work. Thank you!
gsneustadt ( States, Florida
Fantastic service at an extremely competitive cost. I would recommend OC INFO TECH* to anyone for any project--big or small. For smaller projects, try asking Shay, who is a project manager but will tackle small projects by himself. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He kept me in near-constant contact via Skype, both IM and voice. It was reassuring to speak with him. I couldn't ask for more. Well done!!
TTABF ( States, Washington
Always happy with the quality of work and the exceptional attention to detail to make every project we give you turn out just the way we want. Thanks again!
daveyedgar ( States Jersey City, New Jersey
Excellent service, prompt, professional and very knowledgeable. I definitely recommend these guys.
TTABF ( (United States, Washington)
These guys are SUPER AWESOME! Hard to find great help that goes above and beyond what was initially asked for... This is THAT kind of company, we highly recommend them for hire. We've used them for several jobs and every one has turned out excellent!
Jeremy KatzReal Estate Broker (United States, San Diego)
Great job with this website project. It's a nice addition to your portfolio, in my opinion. You did a good job with the flash presentation and the entire logo development and menu scheme. The use of separate PHP header/footer along with individual content files was great. I look forward to working again with you soon!
Sabrina GibsonSocial Media Strategist (United States Irvine, California)
I am so impressed with the ease of communication with your company. This was a project that needed to be completed quickly and you more than met my demands. The website had some very intense details with Cold Fusion and you easily handled each detail. Thank you for another incredible project completed. I look forward to working with your team again and again!!
tfemister ( States, California
I started my search on Elance looking for a world class designer and programmer who could create a business-grade website with advanced programming features. I chose OC INFO TECH* over the numerous other bids because I had confidence in their ability to tackle all posted requirements. They not only met each and every requirement, but far surpassed my expectations! I look forward to continuing to use Griphens for my other sites and projects and highly recommend them to anyone looking to create a phenomenal site.
TTABF ( States, Washington
I continue to be amazed at the high quality of service that you deliver and the speed in which you do it. Thank you once again for another exceptional project completion.
Jeremy KatzReal Estate Broker (United States, San Diego)
Great work on this project. You provided a variety of good tools to make this implementation quick and easy. The costs were low considering the excellent product. Nice job!