Muhammad Shehzad Mirza, PMP®


Mr. Mirza is an entrepreneur, ICT Project Manager/Consultant with a Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential and with more than 17 years of vast experience in various areas of ICT.

Mr. Mirza has a long track record of ensuring projects are delivered to the highest quality, within budget by effectively organizing, managing and utilizing all resources. He is able to lead teams on commercial, industrial, education and health projects where the highest standards are routinely demanded. Always wanting to be actively involved in all aspects of the project life-cycle he can deliver high-value projects in matrixed organizations and across different geographies. He takes direction well and works hard to manage stakeholder expectations. Mr. Mirza is also known as "Shay" in his professional network of clients and various service providers.

Mr. Mirza is acting as the CEO and Chief Project Manager for OC INFO TECH, LLC. His 17+ years career in the information and communication technology industry started at the National College of Computer Sciences, an affiliate of the renowned University of Punjab, where he received a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. After college, he worked in the industry for approximately seven years supervising, designing and developing websites. In January 2007, Mr. Mirza started a company "GRIPHGENS", which he has owned and operating over the last 10 years. GRIPHGENS has delivered more than 450 different small and large website projects and custom applications to clients in the United States, and maintains long-standing relationships with many of these clients through monthly website maintenance plans.

Mr. Mirza also earned the professional credential of Project Management Professional (PMP®) in August 2007, which remains in good standing. The PMP skillet is applied to engagements with external customers, as well as meeting internal operational milestones and schedules. His unique combination of credentials, educational background, technical knowledge, entrepreneurial experience, and professional network is a key success factor to OC INFO TECH.